Are you an Ironman in Business?  

What’s the difference between success, mediocrity, or failure?

Here’s the secret. It’s not money, it’s not skill, and it’s not talent.

Those things are important. But without a winning mindset, an IronMan Mind, those things won’t guarantee success because they can’t counter any competitive challenges or obstacles that are part of every successful journey.

 What is so special about an Ironman? Those athletes that compete in an Ironman triathlon are among the most elite. They represent .01% of the population.

That’s right, 1/100 of 1%! The Ironman race represents a group of individuals that can complete a 140.6-mile race comprised of 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and when they finish both of those things, they do a full marathon. The time limit to complete the race is 17 hours and it is an event that takes significant physical endurance.

But in most instances, physical toughness is not the most important success ingredient. Extreme weather conditions, challenging geographical terrain, injury, and extreme pain tax the will of the athlete. That one powerful element that carries them across the finish line is the strength of their mind.

Again, physical ability is not enough to succeed. Talent is not enough to succeed. In order to succeed in this type of race, they must have the IronMan Mind.

What does this mindset have to do with success in business, in life, or anything outside of competing in this elite race? 


IronMan Mind Coaching is a program designed for the business executive who wants to elevate their success to the same status of those elite .01% Ironman athletes. It is an intensive one-year program designed specifically to enhance your personal talents while also strengthening your development areas.

This executive coaching program will enable you to create the same type of mind that enables triathletes to overcome impossible odds in one of the world’s toughest races. The principles you’ll learn and the skills that you will gain will position you to achieve the same success status as that .01% group.

IronMan Mind Coaching will enable you to AMPLIFY: 

  • your leadership abilities
  • your power to influence
  • your personal productivity
  • your financial successes
  • your personal relationships
  • your status in your community
  • your happiness in life
  • and much more

What You Get   As a participant in this elite program, you’ll work directly with Dr. Richard Greene. Together you’ll develop a custom training plan designed specifically to lead you through twelve months of intensive and challenging activities that will take you outside your comfort zone and develop your abilities and beliefs in a manner that will make you unstoppable.

As a participant in the program, you’ll be prepared to compete in your chosen field to achieve maximum success in business and in your personal life. The best part is that you won’t have to wait to complete the program to reap the rewards. You’ll begin to see the positive impact of what you are learning as you begin your transformation to having an IronMan Mind.

And, the benefits don’t stop once you cross the finish line.

You’ll be prepared to take on any new challenges that life and business put in your path. Instead of regretting new hurdles, you’ll relish the chance to use your new mind to overcome obstacles and achieve success. You’ll know that the IronMan Mind™ motto, “A powerful mind creates unlimited possibilities” applies to any challenge you decide to face.

Program Components: 

  • A custom 12-month success plan
  • Two 1 hour monthly personal coaching sessions
  • Mentoring and feedback calls
  • A 30 day Peak Performance Accelerator training program designed to build a solid success foundation
  • Intensive IronMan Mind training to create a mind that is unstoppable
  • Monthly training calls
  • 2-day IronMan Mind Business Building Seminar (2 days of focused high-performance strategic training
  • Quarterly coaching sessions with industry experts


Are you ready to be part of the 1/100th?

Participation in this exclusive program requires a 12-month commitment and a strong desire to take your career to levels of unstoppable success.

Would you like to know what it’s like to apply IronMan Mind Success Elements to your life?

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