Attitude is everything!
Prolonged success (in other words, not a fluke) is only relegated to those that know how to harness the ability to have a positive mental attitude (PMA).

Here’s what PMA is not. It’s not something taught by some self-help guru telling you to think nice happy things. Having a positive attitude is not a simple case of repeating positive affirmations to yourself to temporarily make you feel better, and it is not, as some call it, “fake it till you make it.”
Don’t get me wrong, those things are important tools. But by themselves, they will not create an environment of sustainable success. However, paired with the right skills, you can use affirmations or positive self-talk very effectively to create a PMA that will help you face any challenges life deals you.
The key element that is often missing in this process of developing a PMA is the ability to see things as they really are. I’ve heard people say that you can create your own reality. Quite frankly, this is a crock of you know what.
Reality is reality. It’s as simple as that. The only thing you can create is your own perception of reality. Often people delude themselves or are unwilling to accurately identify situations as they really are. Instead, they create a “perceived” reality of what they want as opposed to what really is. They are happy to create a fantastic reality where everything will just get better “if this happens or that happens” or if someone else stops doing things to make them fail.
This delusive state is referred to as outcome transference. Outcome transference is blaming others for outcomes instead of yourself. It is this transference of responsibility that keeps most people in a state of life that is unfulfilled and with opportunities unrealized. It is this lack of an ability to properly perceive reality for what it really is, that relegates great tools like affirmations, visualization, and positive self-talk to worthless new-age mumbo jumbo.
Again, don’t get me wrong. I believe in the power of these tools and even wrote a book on them (The Science of Using Affirmations and Attraction Strategies to Get Everything You Want in Life). But without the ability to properly perceive the reality around you they are temporary “feel good” exercises.
So the big question…how do you pair those tools with reality perception to create “Unstoppable Success” in your life? You start by realizing that you have no control over others but you do have control over yourself.
You can only really control three things in life.  
  1. The thoughts that you think.
  2. The woods that you use.
  3. How you react to life’s situations and occurrences.
Understanding that the circumstances of life and the actions of others are not controllable is the first step. You can influence these things by your actions but you never have the ability to fully control them.
“Life’s challenges are not hurdles in the road but are instead part of the road.” 
Realizing that you have no control over external circumstances in life will enable you to have a more accurate view of reality and you will not be deluded by fantasies of some alternative universe. Once you have taken this step, will be able to use the other tools to create a positive mental attitude that can fortify you against all the challenges you’ll face in life.
Another key to accepting outcomes that you perceive as negative and using PMA to influence the situation is an understanding of the law of cause and effect. For every action, there is a reaction. For one action there is a counteraction to maintain homeostasis and balance.
This is simple science. So, if you perceive an occurrence to be negative, what is the positive counterbalance? Don’t say it doesn’t exist. Remember, this is science…it does exist. Sometimes the emotion of the current situation makes it difficult to immediately identify the positive side of things.
At first, this exercise will seem difficult. But the more you always look for the counterbalance, the easier it will get to find it. You won’t change the immediate reality of the situation. But, your increased ability to understand balance and create PMA by having a complete picture of reality will allow you to influence yourself in ways that help you create a successful and fulfilled life that is sustainable for a lifetime.
“Create Unstoppable Success!”

Dr. Richard B. Greene, DBA, SSBB, CMPE
Speaker, Author, IronMan Mind Business Coach© Copyright 2017 Amplifier, LLC.
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