More Organized & Super-Productive

Having been an industry professional for over 20 years, I was completely frustrated with my new job of six months. While there were many positive aspects, I felt totally overwhelmed every day no matter how many hours I worked. I’ve worked under pressure and deadlines before, but things were crossing beyond normal stress and into the realm of unhealthy.

The Ironman mind techniques that Rich taught me were not complicated, but they did require dedication to making behavior changes. Rich was there to make sure I stayed on track, and within just a couple of weeks, my job has changed significantly for the better. The irony is that nothing really changed with the job at all. What changed is that Rich gave me the tools and techniques I needed to be successful in this fast-paced environment.

Jim T.North American Director of Client Delivery
Great Public Speaking Coaching!

Thank you, Dr. Greene, for the helpful tips for my 30 minute speaking event today. It went the best ever…I didn’t sweat or get hot or any anxiety at all…I didn’t even shake. I decided to just be ME… Not caring what anybody thought. Everyone laughed, relaxed enjoyed and I couldn’t have done this without your help! I had my outline but didn’t even need it cause I practiced and just let it flow. This was a major accomplishment for me and thank you for the encouragement! 

Darla GaleLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Results Everyone is Happy With

I want to thank you for your leadership and support over the past 6 months. As we’ve recently reflected upon, I was in a difficult situation when I first oriented you to my state of affairs as a sales manager: Personally disorganized, under-achieving sales team, and a tenuous relationship with my manager. Overall, I was concerned about whether I had the capacity to continue in my role, one that I had held for 12 years previously with much success.


Your process of bringing about positive change was extremely effective for me. I believe in the philosophy, “people support what they help to create”. While my urge was for you to tell me what I should do, I found it far more effective for me to plot-out my own course each week, with you helping me find the solutions that would be effective and unique to my leadership style.


Your personal best practices, reading, and listening materials and word track were ideal. Sure enough, I soon became more organized, delegated and marshaled company resources in ways I hadn’t consider, sales numbers improved, and the relationship with my manager is on solid grounds. And, as you know, when the boss is happy, everybody’s happy! What I appreciate most is my ability to discuss personal and professional matters with you with utmost confidentiality. That level of trust allowed me to open up so we could really get to the roots of my situation. I can’t thank you enough for staying true to that pledge you made.

Paul R.Regional Sales Director
Achieve Laser Like Focus

Rich is an amazing coach with an expert knowledge on leadership and time management. Every session I have had with Rich helped me gain incredible insights into myself and my goals. Rich asked powerful questions and had excellent coaching techniques. I am better with focusing on my goal today because of Rich's coaching. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session with Rich and am looking forward to our next session.

Hoan DoSr. Engineering Manager
Made Me a Better Leader

Dr. Greene is a great listener, and asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. When I follow through on his “requests” or as I refer to “my homework”…I really benefit. He has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Dr. Greene.

Alphonso S.Vice President, Sales
Helped Me to Help Many Others

Rich has provided me with great tools to help streamline my daily activities so I could accomplish everything I needed to do. I've used the principles he’s taught to help many people I work with to become more productive and achieve higher levels of success in their lives and their careers.

Mindy MaySuccess Advisor