Unstoppable Focus – Free Training Video

What If You Could Eliminate Distractions and Realize Your Full Potential at Work and at Home?

You’re a high achiever. You can handle the big stuff. You love a challenge. You can perform under pressure.

But you easily run out of time before you run out of goals. Your ambitions outpace you—not because you’re not fast enough, but because you’re constantly getting derailed by interruptions. Urgent items and a lack of focus run you right off your productive path.

  • You want an energized, satisfying, effective life; not a distracted, overworked one.
  • You want to be proactive, not reactive.
  • You want the power to finish, delegate, and delete those things from your life that don't serve you well.
  • You know that the core of who you are is a Peak Performer but sometimes that reality is just out of reach.


What if you could be free to focus instead of just trying to do more faster? 

Unstoppable Focus enables you to reduce distractions—in many cases eliminate them! You'll be able to focus on the right activities that give them the greatest payout or return for time spent.

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Leadership 101 – Free Training Video
Strong leadership is a key factor to the success of any organization. 

If you are just beginning a leadership training program for your key employees or you are looking for continued education you'll appreciate Leadership 101.

Hosted by Dr. Richard Greene, a Certified John Maxwell Business Coach, you'll appreciate this 35 minute leadership primer. You'll also get access to a Leadership Facilitation Guide to help facilitate discussion on how leadership principles can work to improve productivity and satisfaction in your organization. It's a perfect video for a company lunch n' learn or an executive refresher. Best of all, if free!

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